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The Messiah has spoken
Tuesday, 10 October 2006
Chris Comics Number 29
Topic: Comics

Posted by ttfansite at 9:52 PM EDT
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Thursday, 5 October 2006
How to make an Emo Profile
Topic: Funny stuff
TT's guide on how to make an emo-tastic AIM profile:

First set your background to black, and then change your font to a dark gray

Then find a font that is depressing and put in in italics.

Then write about how your life is devoid of fun and how you can't get a girlfriend like this:

"There is no such thing as love, it is all lust. Fuck the World"

As you can see I added a little revolutionist in there with the "Fuck the World" since every emo thinks they are special.

Then all you need to do is make a link to your myspace and then it's all good and depressing!

View an example in my profile Arcticmonkeys33
copywrite 2006 TT Industries

Posted by ttfansite at 6:11 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 4 October 2006
TT Tribune Issue 1
Now Playing: Ed Note: this is a rough copy of the first issue of the TT Tribune
Topic: TT Tribune



Welcome to the first ever issue of the TT Tribune


This is the first printing of the free, and crappy newspaper/newsletter/random rantings that is the TT Tribune.

The writers are Tyler Treese and Tyler Krill.

Inside you will find:

Page Two: The First three entries of Tyler Krill's Alphabet series

Page Three: Tyler Treese's OMG TT RANT THINGY Collection

Page Four: Sexism-An Essay and an exclusive Chris Comic by Tyler Treese

For more of these two sick bastards view you can go to TT's websites:, and

For Krill's sickening work go to

































Page 1

A for Anarchy

After watching V for Vendetta I began to think about Anarchy. I know how people call anarchy stupid, and foolish, but they don't understand what being an anarchist really means. V is an anarchist in the movie, I mean there is no plainer symbolism than his mark. turn it upside down and put a slash through it and you have the anarchy sign. Anarchy is not about total chaos forever, it's about the quickest way to reform a government. Think of all the civil wars in history, that was anarchy. Governments are a natural occurrence in human behavior to create stability in life. when humans begin to feel that there government is not suitable, they naturally go to anarchy so that they can begin again. When creating a government, humans give up some of there freedom to gain personal security. When that freedom becomes too infringed, humans give up that security to start over again. Anarchists feel that the government is becoming too restrictive, and want to throw the country into anarchy so that they can start over again. Think about it, if there where no government, money would loose its value, people would loose there status, and everyone would become equal. from this base, we could start a new government over again.

B for Belief

So ive decided to touch on a subject people don't like to discuss. beliefs, are the things we base are world around. most times there a load of crap. let me tell you people, believing in other people will screw you over, believing in religion will screw you over even more. for example, in Christian belief, if your not a Christian your going to hell, so god would base his choice to let you have eternal paradise or eternal damnation, on a simple belief? i thought god has infinite loving. i though god loved all things, so why the fucking hell would he send something he loved to hell just because Jesus didn't convince them enough that he was the son of god. basically, at this time and age, all the miracles Jesus did can probably be explained with science anyway! no one that actually followed Jesus wrote the bible. it was passed by word of mouth, which as you know can be altered every time its told to another

Jews believe in the old testament. Adam & eve. first of all there's no talking snake i know of.... if it rained for forty days and forty nights it would flood the world, so even Noah's ark is out. the parting of the red sea was explain on some history program too.

Buddhism, Hinduism, and other Asian religions don't matter in America because about 1 percent (or less) of the population believe in it....

so basically, im saying its ok to know there's a higher being, but do the details really matter?

believe in yourself and god (if your and atheist just believe in yourself) and quit the petty arguments about the little details, like god hates gays, or god is against abortions, or god hates blacks. if there is a god he'll judge you for who you are not what you are, damnit!

oh and you should care what other people believe about you, because only you know who you are, and anyone else that knows is lying....

C for care

Ohhh Mary and me are going out!!!!

^im TIRED of this SHIT

soo ive decide how i think people and relationships should go... relationships are a tricky thing thus many people have problems with them. i think that you SHOULD have more than 1 boy/girlfriend, i think its even healthy. your love shouldn't be restricted to just one person, you should share it with anyone who wants it... if you IM me and say "do you love/like me" ill say yes, not because i have romantic feeling for you but because it gives you a spark of hope you need to keep going, and isn't that what matters? Although marriage is a different story. if you married to someone you should be faithful to that one person, and have sex(:o) with that one person. i don't no how the hell people got the image that romantic relationships and marriage go by the same rule because they don't!

were has this world gone terribly wrong....

Anyways Good Luck on your love life, and may smiles greet you everyday.


Page 2

Rant Number One


Woot! This is the first official OMFG TT rant thingy. I will discuss many things, such as Gay Marriage, Bird Flu, why someone hasn't assassinated Bush yet, and much more. So first Gay Marriage: What's the big deal?, let's start thinking about the real problems in the U.S. and let them be miserable with all the others. Ever hear about global warming??? Bird Fly: It isn't going to happen. I mean Anthrax was suppose to be huge right? It only killed 2 people, not the global threat the government said it would be. Many people say WTF!? why hasn't anybody assassinated Bush yet? The answer: If Bush is the best the Republicans have, what would be their worst? So now to the much more section! Now I will personally rant about stuff! So first Rap music: I am sick of every single rap video, objectifying women, and just degrading rap as a culture. So Lil' Jon think before your next video "What would Tupac do?". Seriously in a number of years we go from "Brenda's got a baby" to "Badunkadunk". Seriously and Lil' Jon where is your originality...I mean "Snap your fingers"...I rather hear "WHAT OKAY YEAH! (remix addition)". So now we go to: What's up with the text on women's clothing. I mean they have text on the assal and breastal areas and then they expect you not to read it and look. I, personally, have bad vision so I have to get closed to read it. And then I read it out loud "Juicy" and then I get slapped. I mean come on!!!! It would be impolite not to read it, "Juicy" is a compliment! So what have we learned today? Gay Marriage: YAY, Bird Flu: NAY, Sadly Bush is the best leader the Republicans have, Only way to stop rap from sucking completely is if Tupac gets resurrected and does a single featuring NaS, and finally don't think so high of yourself, women, your only juicy if, I have to quote Lil' Jon here "If you can bounce a quarter off 'dat ass".

Rant Number Two

WOO! I'm back! This is the SECOND!!! OMFG TT RANT THINGY!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! You excited??? Well don't get to excited since then it would be too disappointing for you. Okay in this amazing, okay I won't lie to you, mildly entertaining installment: I will talk about: them god damn Jews!! Just kidding I'm not a racist or sexist, just hairist. I mean if you are blonde I will label you in a second, no let's make that a millisecond. Okay so we will be talking about: Yo Momma.......the TV show. It sucks!!!! I mean the first time you see it you may giggle a couple time but yo momma jokes can only go so far, how about we mix it up and do Yo Cousin twice removed, now that would be entertaining. "Yo Cousin Twice Removed is so fat that they tried to re-move her more but could only get her twice removed." Well my joke wasn't that could but I do get a C- for effort! WOO!!!!!!!!!!! So what have we learned today??? Don't get too excited, cause I kinda suck, Racism is not cool, only Hairism. That Edgar Valderrama can not make a good show, and tell your cousin to call me. I will redirect her to a friend of mine who loves the big girls. Big Girls need love too but I'm not giving it that is all.

Rant Number Three

So this is the third highly anticipated OMFG TT RANT THINGY! This sure to be disappointing installment is all about the War on Terrorism, and more gay marriage! Okay let's put out some facts here. Terrorists from Saudi Arabia attack us so we invade Iraq? Yep, and the government labeled it the war on terrorism but what about the other wars we were fighting? War on AIDS, War on Drugs?? Why don't we finish those up first. Okay and the gov, see I'm on a first name basis with the government, the gov can't keep the name straight. Now it is the war on Iraq. I don't understand when we are at war with a country, doesn't the other country's leader have an army facing us. The war is useless, stupid, a waste of money, and a waste of soldiers. It's a quagmire just like Vietnam. Also the Republicans are basically doing a light form of genocide against homosexuals. I mean it's just like the holocaust. Let's think in Germany the government was having problems so they said lets blame the Jews. This government has problems so they try to make us forget about it and say look there are some homosexuals. The gov's fight against gay marriage is because of the Bible, but religion and politics should never be one. This country has no official religion but the gov is trying to preach the gospel of the bible. Okay so to recap, War on Iraq, War on Terrorism whatever you want to call it is a waste, and Racism is clear in the white house and remember TTness is next to godliness that's all!





Page 3

This is the first Chris Comic to ever be in Print view the rest in my blog!

Sexism-An Essay

I am disgusted how many men treat women as if they are not equal. They treat them with no respect and just as a piece of ass. I mean not only do they have the standard of being a housewife, but if they do the same job as a male, they get paid less. I mean no men could handle the pain of a pregnancy not even Chuck Norris. As the great artist Tupac Shakur said " And since we all came from a woman/ Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman/ I wonder why we take from our women/ Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?" in his great song 'Keep Ya Head Up'. Also many men are gynophobic , and are afraid to be beaten by a women at anything competitively. Compared to men the standards that women are put up to is terrible. They get up in the morning and put on their (this list is from George Carlin's book 'When Will Jesus Bring The Pork chops'): cleansers, toners, foundation, blush, face powder, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, mascara, nail polish, nail polish remover, manicures, pedicures, fake fingernails, fake eyelashes, and more. There is this terrible idea in society that a girl has to be as skinny as a model, so many girls who are skinny think they are fat which leads to anorexia or bulimia (but this is a different topic for a different time). So next time you see a woman, give her some respect.

Peace and Love,













Page 4

Posted by ttfansite at 9:06 PM EDT
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Super TT Number 5
Topic: Comics

Posted by ttfansite at 3:28 PM EDT
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Monday, 25 September 2006
Videogames Comics 3
Topic: Comics

Posted by ttfansite at 8:49 PM EDT
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Sunday, 24 September 2006
Suicide 2
Topic: Comics

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TT Presents: Suicide
Topic: Comics

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Saturday, 23 September 2006
Videogames Comics Number Two
Topic: Comics

Posted by ttfansite at 11:40 AM EDT
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Videogames Comics Number 1: Super Smash Bros. Melee
Topic: Comics

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Friday, 22 September 2006
Super TT Number 4
Topic: Comics

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